Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Health Care Report Card

I have previously reported on available data about the overall quality of LICH. Most of these data, and more, are conveniently brought together in an excellent site called Health Care Report Card.

So, how good is LICH in comparison with other area hospitals ? It emerges from these HCRC reports that LICH is more or less average. It receives some bad marks in some areas, but so do most of the other hospitals. This site needs to be studied, however, and in detail. One surprising detail is that Columbia Presbyterian, which I have mentioned before (for example in connection with its extraordinarily high compensation for its top executives), doesn't seem to be doing much better than LICH in patient care, at least according to these HCRC data. Lenox Hill Hospital was another surprise to me -- coming in so very low in patient care scores.

I cannot believe that these HCRC scores tell the whole story of these hospitals. Columbia Presbyterian is connected with one of the top research institutions in the world. I would certainly hope that the indisputably high quality of its science accrues to the benefit to its patients, although perhaps not in ways that HCRC can measure.

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