Thursday, December 27, 2007

311 to the Rescue ?

An anonymous reader of this blog recently suggested that I DO something about the graffiti, instead of just talk talk talk. Well, thanks to this poster, I called 311, the City's all-purpose information and complaint address. And, what do you know, this poster was right: there is something I could do that I had not thought of before. And I did it.

I called 311 to report these graffiti, and was told that the City will notify the owner of the property, LICH, within 21 days. The City will ask LICH to remove the graffiti, and will, in fact, offer City money to do this in the form of a City work crew (I did know about the financial aspect, and so notified LICH several months ago). The City will tell LICH that unless something is done, it will be fined. My complaint number is SR #: C1-1-368592991.

Will all this come to something ? Will this story have a happy ending in, say, 2008 ? Will it be a matter of 311 TO THE RESCUE ? Stay tuned, stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is LICH a good neighbor ?

Picture taken 12/19/07

Not only is graffiti unattractive, it lowers property values and encourages other types of crime in neighborhoods.
Fort Worth Police Department

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Mayor Bloomberg:

"Graffiti is something for which our administration has zero tolerance," the mayor said, calling it "an invitation to criminal behavior."

And here is the reply by LICH, in a photo taken Tuesday, December 4, 2007: