Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is LICH a good neighbor ?

Picture taken 12/19/07

Not only is graffiti unattractive, it lowers property values and encourages other types of crime in neighborhoods.
Fort Worth Police Department


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cohn -- other than periodically bitching about LICH's turning the other cheek on graffiti on Hicks St., what have you personally been doing to alert the city that LICH is ignoring its responsibilities? There comes a time when complaining without action is just as much an annoyance as the original complaint.

Werner Cohn said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment.

I have alerted the City, by sending my blog to a number of city officials. I think that the wheels of the city bureaucracy turn slowly, very slowly. But here is something you can do to make them turn a little faster: YOU tell the city also. Write to the mayor, to your council person, to your community board (all of which, BTW, I have done). Every little bit helps, at least a little, or so we must hope. And oh, when you write to those folks, sign your name. They'll be more impressed.

Thanks again for writing.