Monday, April 14, 2008

Two Cheers for LICH Landscaping

Look at the top picture. Beautiful magnolias, in full bloom, on LICH property on Henry Street. It's a sign of spring, of the Good Lord showing us his benevolence, but also of the creative lanscaping done by LICH. Thank you, thank you.

And now there is the second picture; a tulip that has also been planted by the good people of LICH, on Hicks Street, just below the LICH garage. But what is that garbage next to it ? Can't somebody keep the place a little neater ?

And here is one of the three new planters that LICH put on Hicks Street just a few months ago. It has been allowed to morph into a garbage pail. The same holds for the other LICH planters on the same block.

Moral: 1) Landscaping, no matter how good, needs to go hand in hand with some attention to garbage removal. 2) You can spend a lot of money on plantings, but if you don't show attention to cleanliness, the place will turn into a slum anyway.

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