Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is LICH Closing ?

There is some speculation in the media to the effect that LICH may be forced to close, as a result of State budget problems.
Here is the video on NY1


Anonymous said...

The State should not give LICH a dime! Any funds directed towards LICH will be mismanaged. The folks at LICH can't manage garbage pick-up, let alone a 20+ million grant from the state!

Close the place and build condos. Enough is enough already!

Anonymous said...

who will you call when you have an emergency? Its a long ride to Manhattan from the area as well as to the slope to Methodist. Its 2 congested bridges and 2 bridges over the Gowanus , one at Unios St and the other at 3rd street, Suggest you think more about the people in the area and not about tarsh .

Anonymous said...

We are Brooklyn Heights residents (my husband, myself). We live in a building of 100s of Units in a Mitchell Lama coop where most people are elderly, having moved in many years ago. My husband and I are HIV+, my husband is also diabetic. Our HIV Dr. is Dr. Vieira at LICH. He has taken excellent care of us for years and we are two productive working people and parents living with a chronic health condition that could be deadly (not to mention he watches our primary healthcare and my husband's diabetes). When I have an emergency we go to LICH emergency room (like when my husband thought he was having a stroke). My gynecologist there, Dr. Postell, is operating on me as soon as possible at LICH on precancerous cells on my cervix. This could've been deadly if undetected (as it was elsewhere). Without LICH and its community/local health care and serving my family's quite frankly we could die sooner than later, along with the many residents who DO NOT cross the river, but go straight to LICH 10 blocks away when there's an emergency (which with the elderly could also be life-threatening). I think, in my opinion, that the cash-rich location of prime waterfront property is the real goal behind SUNY Downstate's plan to close LICH and NOT that it's "bleeding money". Indeed, I just read an article today that every bed is full on NY1's website. Our community cannot be stripped of this necessary right to decent healthcare and dr.'s. It took me so long to find them. Other places will not serve our needs (first, we have low cost Insurance, where all dr.'s at LICH take, but everywhere else I call the answer is usually "no".). Please DO NOT CLOSE LICH. We need it for our family and our lives.