Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautification is progressing !

LICH has put a couple of planters on our block last week, so the beautification project seems to be under way. To express my appreciation, I've sent the first half of my promised $300 contribution to the LICH Corporation.

So there's light at the end of this tunnel but we're not altogether out of it yet:

a) The graffiti on the wall are still there, in all their gory.

b) As the picture shows, the planter is a big improvement over what that tree pit used to look like. But as the picture also shows very clearly, the pit around the planter obviously needs attention. The ground there looks ugly and detracts from the flowers in the planter. Perhaps some sort of ground covering would do the trick.

c) A different topic but not entirely unrelated: No matter how beautiful the flowers on the perimeter, data for what goes on inside the hospital are still inadequate. Here LICH should emulate the City's hospitals (see my posting of 9/8/07).

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