Thursday, September 27, 2007

It takes 190 LICH nurses ....

At LICH, it takes 190 nurses to earn as much as the Chairman of the LICH Board of Regents. Even LICH executive salaries -- and those of hospitals generally (see previous posting, below) -- pale when compared to top executive salaries in private industry.

LICH's President was no doubt appointed by the LICH Board of Regents, a board that contains many accomplished men and women from many walks of life. The Chairman of this Board of Regents is Mr. John D. Wren, who is also the CEO of the Omnicom Group. Omnicom is required to file detailed reports with the SEC, including detailed information about its top salaries. For 2006, Mr. Wren's compensation package at this corporation totaled $13,241,034, roughly nineteen times the salary of LICH's President/CEO, almost forty times the salary of a LICH surgeon, and one hundred ninety times the pay of a LICH Registered Nurse.

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Anonymous said...

There is no way that LICH's CEO or the Chairman should be paid so much more than the top physicians at LICH. Neither are providing care- the physicians are! Hospitals are merely buildings- the executive staff are there to serve the patients and medical professionals to make their jobs easier. Moreover, with the abysmal admission numbers and lackluster clinical services, I'm frankly surprised LICH has lasted this long. It got way worse when that new CEO, Rita Battles, came to LICH as she couldn't get the cooperation of the medical staff and became a lame duck. When they lost their only "star" surgeon (Dr. Gady Har-el) during Battles' reign they lost the last fantastic surgeon willing to work there.