Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Graffiti Reappearing

All these pictures were taken on Tuesday, January 22, at about 5 p.m. They show new graffiti on the 300 block of Hicks on two buildings that belong to LICH. These buildings are just north of 385 Hicks, which had heretofore been the worst spot on the block. The new graffiti is not as conspicuous as the old, and the situation in not as bad as it had been. But all experts on graffiti warn that it must be removed immediately when spotted in order to discourage further vandalism.

As I have had occasion to say before on this blog, LICH needs to inspect its exterior surfaces daily. All self-respecting private homeowners, obviously, keep an eye on the appearance of their properties. Should requirements be lower for a not-for-profit hospital ?

The general neglect that LICH management has shown with regard to these buildings is also shown by the fact that neither of these two properties is properly marked with a street number. One door says "3", with the last two digits missing. The other building has no address signage at all. In an emergency -- say Fire or Police -- how could 911 be told where help is needed ?

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