Monday, January 14, 2008

Loose Lips from Licht, Tight Lips at LICH.

Readers will recall my report about LICH's strange inability -- or unwillingness -- to accept a modest financial contribution from me. Something funny about its IRS status.

Now more information about LICH's secretive financing has emerged in the media. Mike McLaughlin, a reporter for the Brooklyn Paper (largely quoting the Daily News), tells a story that LICH would prefer to keep quiet. It seems that Continuum Health Partners, which operates or owns LICH (I don't know which) favors Beth Israel Hospital, another of its holdings, over its little stepchild on Hicks Street. And apparently Dr. Arnold Licht, president of the LICH medical board, is unhappy; he wants more money for LICH programs. In fact, according to the Daily News story, LICH doctors have complained to Attorney General Cuomo. But LICH management will not talk to the media about this, according to McLaughlin.

Loose lips from Licht, tight lips at LICH.

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