Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internal Turmoil at LICH

Ruby Washington, New York Times
Dr. Arnold Licht addressing a protest rally

Some weeks ago I was invited to a breakfast/pep rally at LICH. President Battles was there, pouring out the charm, and so were other dignitaries. One Hasidic rabbi, unable to contain his enthusiasm for LICH, reported that his male congregants complain to him that they cannot take advantage of the great infant delivery services of LICH.

Any problems at LICH ? None that were mentioned at this event. Continuum Health Partners, the owners of LICH who operate out of Manhattan ? Never heard those nasty three words mentioned at this affair.

So here is the New York Times of yesterday, with a long story about the troubles of LICH. It seems that Continuum may well sell this Cobble Hill prime real estate (the LICH buildings) to raise money. And, as reported on this blog previously, LICH's medical staff seems to be in revolt against Continuum.

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