Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internal Turmoil at LICH, ct'd

President Rita Battles of LICH, without warning, is gone; President no longer. The LICH statement says that she prefers to pursue "other endeavors."

Rita Battles

Moreover, there will not be another president at all, at least not for the moment. Instead there will be a Chief Restructuring Officer ("a title with great portent," according to the Brooklyn Paper), Mr. Dominick Stanzione.

Dominick Stanzione

And what does the staff of LICH think ? The medical staff, at least, seems to dissent, once again, from management, according to the Brooklyn Paper:

“[It] is another indication that Continuum Health Partners, a management company that now thinks it owns LICH, is moving to downsize and possibly ultimately close Downtown Brooklyn’s most prominent medical center,” Dr. Arnold Licht, president of the hospital’s medical staff, said in a statement.

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